Portamedic joins Caption Health at HLTH!

Portamedic, Inc. has partnered with Caption Health to bring their Caption Care AI platform into the comfort of patients' homes. This partnership has allowed Portamedic's mobile medical professionals to perform cardiac ultrasounds in-home, enabling early heart detection technology and diagnosis to become more convenient and accessible to patients all across America. Portamedic Inc.'s network of mobile medical professionals can be dispatched to provide services in clinics as well.

Healthcare is increasingly moving into the home. Portamedic, Inc. bridges the gap between healthcare facilities and home, bringing medical testing straight to your patients.

Our nationwide mobile workforce includes over 4,500 medical professionals and 100 field offices across the 50 states and Puerto Rico. With nearly 50 years of experience completing blood draws, vitals, and medical histories, Portamedic is reliable, credible, and ready to help bring your medical testing to the home, anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for mobile medical testing solutions, please contact us at sales@portamedic.com. 

Portamedic Solutions

Mobile in-home blood collection for clinical trials, clinical trials screenings, and scientific research for early cancer detection.

National mobile solutions with an active network of thousands of mobilized phlebotomists in 100 offices across the United States and Puerto Rico.

In-home mobile blood draws and cardiac ultrasounds, plus, an extensive menu of related home-based medical services.

Mobile services for home health and telehealth services.

Client-based customized processes.